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Lonesome Mind

Thought a lot, gave it a spin,
Made a decision,
Just grasped it in,
Wanted you to know, what is best,
I love you so much,
I hope you understand.

Not trying to mean any harm,
Just want you to be safe,
Don’t think of this as something wrong,
Sometimes what I do seem harsh,
But its all because,
I want you to be sound.

What I say can be bad,
What I do can look even sad,
People say what m doing is wrong,
They say you gonna run away,
If I don’t stop,
Thought please understand one thing,
People can be mean and revolting.

I just want you to be happy,
That makes my soul charm,
Looking at that smile,
Makes my little world bloom with hope,
Crying and writing this for you,
I know just doesn’t work a lot,
And m not the best one to be with,
Not the best looking one too,
But I try and that’s all I can do.

You say that the day we met was fine,
It was for me too,
Wanted to hug you as soon as I saw you,
But didn’t have that choice,
Wanted to take you in my arms,
And kiss you, that’s all I had in mind,
I don’t know why m writing this,
But I just have you on my mind…


Dark Abyss.

Lovely how it is,
You give your all to someone,
And it gets thrown into the sea,
Spend hours to make them happy,
But get left alone once needed,
Loosing that hope in humanity,
Here I walk a thousand steps of destiny,
Lurking in the shallow waters,
Waiting for something,
That shall set our minds free…

Looks like this will go on,
Sacrifices would be made,
Nothing would be given in return,
Its like a baby taking birth in crowd,
Looked upon as the mother cries in pain,
Left alone in the night,
As the breath is finally taken away,
Looks easy, easy as it is,
Work with the wave,
And let go of that image.

You’d think that I am no one,
But let me remind you,
Remind you of what you would have become,
Sat down in your pain,
Held you tight with nothing to blame,
Got a glimpse of your smile,
Just to make my day divine.

Really it is bad,
How things work out,
People promise you world and stars,
But can’t really fall in the parts,
Builds huge castels and promise them love,
But no one ever had a clue,
Castel is made of sand,
And love is nothing but desire.

Hold on to the feeling,
Thier just might be an answer,
You might already have the one,
But some people still wander,
Nothing is really as it seems,
Look at the reality and dwell within,
Don’t blame the situation,
What matters is what you do,
Just what you can do to solve them.

Cries and laughs they would be the same,
Lock behind thoughts,
They would never be the same,
Loosing my mind being so far away,
I guess I can’t really cry,
Neither come over this pain….

Woman of his dreams.

An empty street with empty house,
Once there lived a man,
With open hands and a dog,
Use to give advises to everyone,
But they just considered him nothing,
One day in a situation,
He told his story,
Imagine a man with no fingers,
With teards in his eyes,
And this is what he had to say.

“Lived a life that never cared,
Lost everything in one mistake,
Build everything with these two hands,
Burned down everything With them as well,
Loved someone with all my heart,
Gave her everything that I could,
Had a little job that kept us alive,
Made this house for me and my wife,
But little did I know what was going on,
Saw her kissing another guy,
Lost my mind, lost my nerves,
Wanted to do something stupid,
Still thier I was,
With my life in my hand.”

People believed what he wanted to say,
Gave it a little thought and went all the way,
He was given a chance to tell his tale,
With a sad smile on his face,
All he could say was,
Please don’t run away.
Hence he continued,
With his life around his neck,
Kept on speaking,
On how he was left,
With shards of broken heart in his psyche.

“Nothing I could do to make it right,
Lived with the lie for more then six weeks,
When I finally took this to her,
All she could say was ‘don’t leave me’,
I was sitting in a corner,
Thinking what exactly can I do,
With nothing but a smoke,
And handful of pills,
Just had one thought in my mind,
Its either to end everyhting,
Or myself.”

So he went on with this tale,
Wanted some love, so badly,
All he still cared about was of her,
But all he could do was wait,
All he could do was just wait….

“Looked into the mirror,
All I saw was sadness in my eyes,
Breath smelling like alcohol,
And dry tears all over,
Still was thinking about my love,
What I wanted and what I could do for her,
All of it was slipping away,
All I wanted was for it to go away,
Never thought there would be a way out,
To sell all of us together,
Happy and proud,
Loved her so damn much,
That it was hard to just let go.”

Just when we thought it was all over,
He went inside to get something,
Seems like it was his phone ringing,
With a broad smile he walks outside,
And tells us what happened,
Through the day and night.

“Just when I thought it is going down stream,
I decided to give it another go,
And walk down the street,
As so much I wanted this all to end,
I told my baby it’s all right,
Together then we spend a whole life together,
Fellas this my love,
The reason m still alive….”

All the feelings came down on pours,
Saw atleast few faces,
With smile on the sores,
Walked in this woman who we never saw,
It was the man’s wife,
And they kissed down the house….


Something that’s been going on since sometime. I thought its a good way of forgetting about all of this. Hope you enjoy this read.

A tree that stands tall,
Stands tall in situations,
Situations that can make you fall,
Things can take a bad turn,
Enough to make you cry,
Its been bad, what’s going on now,
Never thought it would happen to me,
Shivered to my bones,
I wanted all of this to end,
Cause it hurts real bad,
Hurts a lot, really it does.

Put all my faith in someone,
It was crushed to ground,
Gave my everything to her,
Got stepped on,
Feeling is not so good,
Cold nostalgia chills me,
Running out of words to say,
Still managed to write this anyway,
Cold winds, shallow sky,
I loved you so damn much,
Then why? just tell me why!!!!

Deep water, all that I cry,
I was stabbed,
By the person I loved the most,
Situation was freasky,
Don’t even know what to do anymore,
“Give me another chance”, you said,
Nothing you did till now,
That stopped my tears till today,
I don’t even know what to do,
Feeling is still the same,
But the situations ain’t….

M ready to put it all behind,
Give you another go with this,
Show me that you really care,
Cause I can’t hold on to it,
M still trying hard to make it work,
But you still want to choose them,
More than us….


Only things I wished for,
Wishes that were suppose to be fullfiled,
Had expectations,
Some too many,
Went around and got right back to me,
Little did I know,
Things were gonna be so bad,
Desires filled in eyes,
Shattered by death…

Building castles of hopes,
Matters a lot to us,
When I thought of using our hands,
You build it with the sand,
Thought would take keep it well,
Guard it ourselves,
But you don’t even have the time,
To hold my hand….

Shallow waters,
Tears away,
Going with the wind,
That’s all you said,
Looking down the river,
For the clear view,
Look at the current that draws towards you,
Hold on to your thoughts,
You still got time for it,
I am almost dead anyways,
What else can I be,
Almost in the casket,
Expecting a little sunshine,
Lighting up my grave.

Bleeding all the faith I had,
Through my final time,
Too much love to give,
But so little to gain,
So much to be expected,
Little do we get to know….

Rolling up my sleaves,
Thought of mending a better future,
Lucky to get a slap from reality,
Coming back to my senses,
All of this seemed so great,
But I don’t really know what to do anymore,
I still love you,
That’s all I know,
But I don’t think you do,
Please prove me wrong….

Maybe fooled again in the cold weather,
Thought their was a difference this time,
But I was proved wrong again,
Long gone emotions, flooded back again,
I thought it was different,
But lost the trust again.

So far away,
Yet I thought we were together in a way,
Binded by the nature,
The untangled rope of love,
I thought you and I are together,
But it faded away in the mist,
Called me your wind I remember,
Thought you would walk with me,
Lost all the reality,
And everything went ahead.

“Hey look out for the night sky”, you said,
Promised me nothing would be hidden,
But I guess here is the reality,
And m fixed in my seat again.

Shared everything with you,
My past, what I was, What I’ve become,
What you’ve done for me,
What you’ve become for me,
But now I guess it doesn’t even matter,
You said you have trust in me,
That everything would be shallow without me,
One day that never goes without thinking of me,
Another day spend with Saddening emotions.

The life long reality,
Takes the best on anyone,
Looking for a way,
To make sense for it,
Moving down the empty street,
A ciggarette seems to help,
Things that you want from em,
Is down to the ashes.

Rolling tears, sleepless nights,
That’s what I have since last week,
I think it was just a thing,
That rolled in the ring,
Shivering hands and numb eyes,
Looking for you to step down,
All I want is you,
That’s all I know,
But you seem to have drifted,
And I wonder how…..


I don’t think it would need any kind of description what so freaking ever.


I don’t really know how I came up with this one… Just had a dream and I saw certain words in it. A lady I never saw and a shadow she praised. Had to put it down in words.

The man is worried,
Looking down his window,
Is terrified to his soul,
But can’t seem to pick it up,
It’s a letter from his love,
The news could be bad,
Has a tear rolling down his cheek,
And thinks about the days he had!

Few years ago,
When he saw her first,
In that beautiful black dress,
He just could not show,
Told his friend about this lady he met,
And all he could say that,
She was pretty and rad,
All he could think of was that lady,
It was like a dream but in a reality…

Few days passed,
And he found her out,
She was a cook working down south,
He bought a pastry,
Thought he would get the name,
But little did he know,
The woman was deaf,
Shattered and sad, all he did was cry,
But never he lost hope,
All he did was try.

Few meets ahead,
They met everyday,
Under the same old bay,
Sitting by the river,
Holding each other’s hand,
It was a love of no words,
And nobody thought it was the time,
The man was ready, but a bit shy,
He took the lady, as a tour guide.

Few weeks later,
He married his lady,
Things were perfect for them,
Not something that would worry,
Had a little kid,
Desitined to do better things,
Everything was perfect,
So was the thee,
Then the day came when it was all set in fire.

Few hours back,
Man got a letter,
It was from the army,
And his brother needed arms,
Nothing could be said or done,
Man promised to be back,
And went away for the battle,
No words from his for next two years,
Everyone thought he was as good as dead.

Few years later,
Woman recieved a letter,
Dated back to the day he left,
Man died an year back,
He was tortured and shot to death,
Still with a slight hope woman lived,
But the letter broke her completely,
It was not the man reading it,
Just a dream that she saw,
Letter send by her man before his death,
Woman could not do anything,
Just cried in bed and she slipped away….


So today is my girlfriend’s birthday and she was missing her home a lot! Couldn’t really see her so sad but somehow managed to make her smile and after that she got to meet her parents so was pretty happy! Just a little poem I thought would write for her. So here it goes…

Looking for a connection with yourself,
Its harder then you think,
Blame other’s bad things on yourself,
Which is easier then anything else, believe me,
Stop making yourself miserable,
Cause M right here with you,
Even if nobody cared about you,
Here I am baby, and all I think is about you.

Its your birthday today,
Its all about you,
I was waiting for that smile,
That made me fall for you,
Past few weeks been crazy, I know,
But you did hold on like you promised me so,
You’re an angel my love,
Let the world envy it!!!
Let the light touch your soul,
So shall you be happy!!!!

Another year or so,
Before we see each other again,
I’m trying hard to make you proud,
And I guess m doing okay,
You would now be stepping out in the real world,
Its scary as hell,
Sometimes you would even feel,
That Hell is a better place.
Don’t knock yourself down,
Its just not fair,
Smile like an angel again,
That’s all I care!!!!

That time of the year again,
When you just need to be happy,
Smile like you always do,
And light this place for me,
I will be waiting for you here,
Right here where I am,
All I want is for you to be happy,
Cause I know I love you a lot baby!!!



Won’t even try to go against your word,
Cause faith is all I have left,
Thinking about the lady who loves me,
Emotions are makes a human,
Don’t let it go to waste,
Think of me, the love you show,
Think of the world, who pretend to love,
Think of the folks that wont let you go,
Think of me, before you do.

No its not the past that gives me pain,
It’s long gone and won’t come in the way,
Fire is out and is long gone,
The gorund is cold and the people moved on,
Ashes are still on mixed in the air,
But you are not to be blamed,
Lot of things might be difficult,
But that’s what makes us a reality,
Don’t think too bad, take a rest,
Have a drink and smile on the way,
Think about the three days we had,
The fun we did,
The time we had,
Just think of how we got this time,
And cherish it with a smile.

Things are never good,
Neither do I make them any better,
But smile on the face is more important,
Not just a smile, a happy thought at large,
Just be happy all the time,
Cause that is who you really are,
And all I know is that I love you,
And I really want you to be happy,
But I think you never believe what I say,
Cause all I hear is the boat turning away…

Nevermind on what is going on,
Just think it through and tell me what you want,
All I need is a smile on your face,
Cause its something that you need,
So just drop everything,
And smile, cause I can’t take the pain….


Last Breath.

I know that,
Together we’ll make it through,
Through day and night,
I’ll stand with you and fight..
The world does not seem to care,
But I do..and I’ll do it till the end.

This is what I saw in the morning,
Something that made me happy,
Situations been crazy,
But we are making it work,
A lot of things are still un-clear,
But I know you got my back,
And I have got yours.

Looking at you crying makes me sad,
Cause I am the reason for a lot of pain,
Working out on things to make it perfect,
But there is nothing,
Nothing at all that I can do,
So far away from me,
Yet you are so close to my heart,
Loving you is something that I am doing,
And I intend to do it in future.

You came to me when I was at my low,
Things were bad and I couldn’t let go,
You somehow believed in me,
So much that you said so,
Made me realise that m not what I think,
Got me back to what I was good at,
Supported me through to all that I have.

Writing that for me, you made me smile,
You already did so much for me,
That’s all that is needed,
Now that you are with me,
Just do one thing and nothing more,
Stay with me forever till the my last breath.