It’s been sometime since I posted something here. I apologize to those who always left comments and likes for the stuff I posted even though it did not deserve any. Some of them were nice enough to send me emails regarding the blog and to check if  I was alive or not ( never expected those ones, you guys made me smile for sure!). I hope you guys like this one.

I came up with this poem while I was on my way to Chandigarh after visiting my brother in Bombay. This trip had some decent memories. Made me realize a lot of things. New people too. Who actually turned out to be better than most of the Human kind I know. Shout outs to them and also to the chick who said she doesn’t find me a creep. (Buahahahahhahahah!)

Oh! The Might Cloud!

It’s been sometime since he was acknowledged,

Thinking about the small boy who recognized his name,

Normally known as the old army guy,

This time he had a smile on his face.

Just a few days back, he lost his only companion,

A dog given to him after his wife passed away,

He had two sons, but they left him for a high paid job,

Never looked back at him, it all came down to the dog,

Oh, how could he forget where the pension money went,

An old bottle of whiskey and some bittersweet memories.

He loved listening to the blues,

Thinking about his past and the time spend in war,

Still made him wonder, was it all worth?

But the decision were never frowned upon,

Though the neighbors always thought of his death,

He left the house in will for a charity,

He said it might just help some old veterans,

Ones abandoned by their children.

Matt fought the old Vietnam war,

Lost his leg and was left on the chair,

He always had some or the other story to tell,

And never missed the chance to visit Charlie,

Always managed to talk about the clouds,

“it looks like a small balloon today”,

The Might of the clouds, the thunders,

“Dark ones always scared Miranda when she was little”,

His war days were done,

But he still made sure to send his kids to school,

Paid all the expenses, thanks to the U.S. Army,

Soon came the day, his kids were grown,

The left them alone and went on,

Soon it was just him and his wife,

And later just him without anything.