This particular piece is about me apologizing to my girl about everything that I did. I created differences in us that is leading to a catastrophe and m to be blamed for it. She gave me all she had and I did not respect that. I took things for granted and now its coming at me. Nothing else to write now as it won’t make much difference. 

Everyday I open my eyes
Thinking I could make it better
Hoping that I can undo my mistakes
All of them that I did to you.

All the time it’s the same thing,
My thoughts and memories becomes a spectre
I never realized it could lead to this,
Now I regret everything I did.

All I want to say is sorry,
Sorry for all the mistakes I did,
Only if you feel to forgive me,
I will take that chance to memorise the deeds I did.

Even if you can’t do it,
I won’t blame you even for a second,
It was all my fault to begin with,
All the stupid things I did.