So hello fellas, its been a long one year and three months since I have posted anything on here and I really want to apologize for this, specially to the folks who read my amazingly awkward poems and supported them. Well the story behind this is not that great but I would be writing about what those months were about. Here goes nothing.

Things I did were bad,

But I never wanted them to be this way,

I really did make you sad,

But those were not my intentions anyway,

All I want is you beside me,

I don’t know if that is the way,

But long wait of closure has come past by,

And now I don’t know what else to say…

I did bad things,

I admit to them,

Please come back to me,

So I can work on it and make it better,

I know it would be difficult,

But that is what we been facing all the way,

Please don’t quit on me now,

I need you more then all,

I need the strength to carry on,

And can only find it from you now,

Situations might have turned around,

And there is no way that I can fix it,

But all I wish for you is to trust me…

I need to finish what I started,

And what I started was being with you,

Come back home cause I await you,

And cherish you as I never did before,

This closure is what I get from you,

This life is what I owe to you.