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This particular piece is about me apologizing to my girl about everything that I did. I created differences in us that is leading to a catastrophe and m to be blamed for it. She gave me all she had and I did not respect that. I took things for granted and now its coming at me. Nothing else to write now as it won’t make much difference. 

Everyday I open my eyes
Thinking I could make it better
Hoping that I can undo my mistakes
All of them that I did to you.

All the time it’s the same thing,
My thoughts and memories becomes a spectre
I never realized it could lead to this,
Now I regret everything I did.

All I want to say is sorry,
Sorry for all the mistakes I did,
Only if you feel to forgive me,
I will take that chance to memorise the deeds I did.

Even if you can’t do it,
I won’t blame you even for a second,
It was all my fault to begin with,
All the stupid things I did.


So after a bit of thinking and a lot of discussion I decided almost an year ago to become a journalist and its working amazingly right now. I have had some very bad exposure to the real world that made me realize that things are not so simple as they seem. May it be the issues with Obama Care to world politics, from bad wars to Dubai’s expansion. They all had something or the other to teach and also while I am studying, this one person kept me strong. Helped me to move forward when I was at the lowest of my situation. So here is something that explains how the travel was through these things.


Hey you,

Thanks for standing beside,

Holding me like a pole,

Being my anchor,

You became the captain of my ship,

Gave me a dream to try,

Standing behind me whenever I needed you,

Being the soul of my work for the longest I have known…

Hey you,

I did things that were not the proudest of all,

You still decided to be part of it after all,

Being the crazy you are,

You still wiped my tears after bad sessions,

Gave me strength to hold on,

Told me the words that I wanted to hear,

Everyday before I closed my eyes.

Hey you,

Hold on to me till the end,

Cause I need you like the sun,

Be like the Frodo you are to me,

And one day when all this is done,

I will bring you all the rings I could find!!!

Long wait for closure.

Long wait for closure..

So hello fellas, its been a long one year and three months since I have posted anything on here and I really want to apologize for this, specially to the folks who read my amazingly awkward poems and supported them. Well the story behind this is not that great but I would be writing about what those months were about. Here goes nothing.

Things I did were bad,

But I never wanted them to be this way,

I really did make you sad,

But those were not my intentions anyway,

All I want is you beside me,

I don’t know if that is the way,

But long wait of closure has come past by,

And now I don’t know what else to say…

I did bad things,

I admit to them,

Please come back to me,

So I can work on it and make it better,

I know it would be difficult,

But that is what we been facing all the way,

Please don’t quit on me now,

I need you more then all,

I need the strength to carry on,

And can only find it from you now,

Situations might have turned around,

And there is no way that I can fix it,

But all I wish for you is to trust me…

I need to finish what I started,

And what I started was being with you,

Come back home cause I await you,

And cherish you as I never did before,

This closure is what I get from you,

This life is what I owe to you.