Things that we always wanted,
So close but yet far away,
Could have been worse,
Or could have been good,
Spend some of the best days,
All went to dust,
Promised it would be good,
I thought I kept that,
Was good to see the face that I cherish,
Finally in front of me….

Bad or good I don’t know,
Time just flew by,
And I didn’t even know,
Wanted to do so much,
Yet was just locked in a closed space,
With nothing but just emotions,
And the last kiss good bye.

Funny how you think its all good,
But somehow gets thrown back to senses,
But wait, look at the time,
It seemed like a minute that passed,
Just the talks took the hours on the clock,
Half past one it is,
And we still can’t sleep,
Enough to a point,
That we discussed about Roman Empires!

A final kiss goodbye is what I needed,
Something which was not too much,
Stood waiting for you,
Just to know that you can’t see me,
Does hurt bad, I do feel this pain,
Now m sitting here in a corner,
Waiting for all of this to end.

As I sit here trying to think,
What could have been done better,
Their are a lot of thoughts,
Emotions, Laughter, Cries,
And Everything else that made this trip,
A trip that I never thought would happen,
But just made things special,
And well sad in the end.




For this to begin,
Had to convince myself before you,
Did so thinking of all the things,
All the thing you been through,
And that I been through,
What you were to a person close,
And what people thought of you,
What feelings I had for you…

So much of fighting,
So much of pain,
In the end I just knew this would happen,
In the end I knew it was just you,
Had no clue that it would come this far,
Never had the slightest idea of love,
But the only thing I wanna hear is,
That “I love you”…..

All those arguments,
All those parts where things seemed bad,
All the time when I just wanted it to end,
Still had to fight back,
Just a little hope that,
That is keeping me on a go,
For that one thing that world craves for,
Someone who says that they love you,
Before you let everything go.

Just the feeling of togetherness,
And the hope of a fine day,
Longing for the happiness that dwells within,
Thinking of the times,
When the morning was happy,
And the good night was a kiss,
Discussing the activities of the day,
Just to hug and forget about everything else.

Long waits, the awkward silence,
Feeling the warmth of your skin,
Thinking of what it would mean,
Thinking about the future we want to be in,
Just waiting for this time to end…