Things that I don’t say,
Normally I hide them away,
Its easier that way,
I could tell my story to others,
But m tired of seeing them laughing,
Sometimes its easy,
Sometimes its hard,
Things could get worse,
Its just feelings that set us apart.

Its hard sometimes to think,
I may not be the perfect one,
But you did more then me,’
Got hurt more then stories,
Then to get blamed for something I never did,
Though Funny it is how this works,
People think you’re smiling,
But deep down inside you’re dying…

Look at the sky, you say,
We would be together once, you say,
But the things you say and do are strong,
Nobody ever knew what was wrong,
Things went bad, and I got blamed,
For something I never did,
Looking the other way.

People say that what I say is bad,
I should control my words,
What do they know about those words?
It kills me everytime when I use those,
“I will wait a lifetime,
For you to see the truth”
I have been waiting too long for it,
And I have lost the patience to.