Crawled up and broken,
The time of year, its the spring,
Breath the fresh air,
So shall we,
Cause never do we know,
What falls upon thee.

Some people talk,
Some people just mind thier business,
Some learn to walk away,
Some become artists,
But never do people understand,
What makes them the way they are,
Looks like people found a way,
To find happiness in others demise.

Always got judged by others,
Gave everything to make them miserable,
All the reason given to them,
To end their life,
In guilt of surprise.

Gift the person you love a diamond,
Forget the people who got them,
Killed saving their family,
But no one cares cause they have the money,
Long the time is gone,
When people were recognized for their work,
Now is the time,
Its all distinguished by the way you walk,
“swag” is what people call it now,
Seems like earth is rotating on the axis of fat,
Running down in darkness,
With hatred in bread.

Do whatever you can to make someone happy,
But today no one even cares about that,
All they want is to end,
Listen to a querel,
And call it a day,
Maybe think about what they wanted to do,
And then just cry all night,
To see it all go.

Some still manage to show a way,
Kiss their wives,
Call their mothers,
But at the end its all about the work,
Cause nothing really matters,
Its all a fog.

Sometimes its all about holding on,
But whatever you do,
It just comes around and takes a toll on you,
Things can be as easy as taking a walk,
Or it can be as bad as Hell breaking loose,
It just depends on what you do,
Cause nothing else matters,
Not even your best wish coming true.